Kitten and Tulip Tulle Dress



- Pink : off white tulle/ off white lace/ pink ribbon/ pink - gold lurex polka dot ribbon

- Mint : off white tulle/ off white lace/ mint ribbon/ antique white - gold lurex polka dot ribbon

- Gray : black tulle/ black lace/ black ribbon/ black - silver lurex polka dot ribbon

*aurora pearl bead: off white
*clear charm: clear



original printed "kitten and tulip" fabric(100% polyester), plaid pattern tulle fabric, chemical lace, satin ribbon, lurex polka dot organdie ribbon, aurora pearl bead, clear charm


lined, pull over, reversible waist ribbon, bows on the bodice and skirt are sewn

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon bow brooch × 1
* back waist ribbon


★Length: BC-77cm(30.3in)/ BNP-95cm(37.4in)
★Bust: 86cm(33.8in) ~ max approx. 111cm(43.7in)
★Waist: 70cm(27.5in) ~ max approx. 101cm(39.7in)
★Skirt Length: W-60cm(23.6in)

* Regarding the max size, the product was put on a flat surface and measured. Please note that the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.


The fluffy kitten is playing with the tulips which is telling the coming of spring♡
Lovely prints and tulle with plenty of girly mood.
The layered ribbons, sparkling bead, and charms are very eye catching! It is perfect dress for outing in the refreshing air.

Product Introduction Video: Kitten and Tulip Tulle Dress and Tulle Ribbon Headdress Style Headband