My dear friends A-Line Dress



- Black : off white lace/ red ribbon/ gold button

- Rose Pink : off white lace/ red ribbon/ gold button

- Shadow Blue : off white lace/ red ribbon/ gold button



original "My dear friends" printed fabric (amunzen, 100% polyester), chemical lace, tulle lace, dull satin ribbon


liner except for sleeves, open front button

♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* ribbon brooch


★Length: BC-89.5cm(35.2in)+ frill 3cm(1.1in) / BNP-89.5cm(35.2in)+ frill3cm(1.1in)
★Bust: 97.6cm(38.4in) * at seam line
★Sleeve Length: 65cm(25.5in)+ frill 3cm(1.1in)+ lace
★Shoulders: 34.5cm(13.5in)
★Skirt Length: HW - 77.5cm(30.5in)+ frill3cm(1.1in)


The dear friends who spend time always together.
There are talking lover, shy girl, love eating girl, fashionable lover...
Everyone goes out with a snack apple today ♪
We finished design print which is having fun with pretty friends chatting ♡
The A-Line dress is pretty for balloon sleeve and flare outline ♡
It is easy to dress on because of just pull over ♪