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Vania Dress [2nd Pre-Order]


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around 13:00 on February 22nd (Fri) - 23:59 on March 31st (Sun) 2019 (JST)

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July 2019 * Schedule may change.




satin back shantung (black / 100% polyester), chiffon (lavender / 100% polyester), organdie (black, red / 100% polyester), faux leather (black), Japanese Koshibo Chirimen (bordeaux / 100% polyester), crystal chiffon (black / 100% polyester), tulle lace, bat embroidered motif, braid, satin ribbon, clear charm, artificial rose

comes with liner, pullover

< accessories of this item (detachable) >
jabot brooch × 1
satin back shantung ribbon brooch (back ribbon) × 1


Length:BC~52cm(20.5in)+frill 25cm(9.8in) BNP~73cm(28.7in)+frill 25cm(9.8in)
* BC→Back Center BNP→Back Neck Point
Skirt Length:35cm(13.8in)+frill 25cm(9.8in)
Bust:finished size 86cm(33.9in) ~ max 120cm(47.2in)
Waist:finished size 70cm(27.6in) ~ max 105cm(41.3in)


The dress is designed for Gothic and Lolita style combining Vania's girlish atmosphere and vampireness.

The design is filled of the details expression of Vania such as roses on the chest, ruffled shoulder part, corset-like waist part, characteristic voluminous skirt, etc. The bats flying around Vania is expressed with bats motifs appearing on the Vania dress and other items. On the back ribbon, there are a bat motif, red rose and red charm that gives an image of a drop of blood to depict the character of Vania in every detail. You can enjoy the design of graceful texture and three-dimensional appearance with voluminous layers of frill and lace, the colorway that makes look an artificial rose wonderful, gleaming red charm, etc.

Please enjoy the world of GRANBLUE FANTASY with fashion styling from head to toe with Vania Dress, Half Bonnet Headband, Blouse, Bag Charm and Ribbon Shoe Clip.