Announcement of the Build-To-Order for
『GRANBLUE FANTASY』 X Metamorphose Special Collaboration

Thank you for being a Metamorphose customer.

We are pleased to announce that the special collaboration between the role-playing video game with beautiful illustrations 『GRANBLUE FANTASY』 and Metamorphose!

The products of the popular 『GRANBLUE FANTASY』 characters "Vania" and "Cucouroux" are specially designed by Metamorphose! Don't miss out♪

GRANBLUE FANTASY Collaboration Series < Vaina >

Vania Dress ¥50,000
Vania Blouse ¥22,000
Vania Half Bonnete Headband ¥15,000
Vania Bag Charm ¥5,500
Vania Bat Ribbon Shoe Clip ¥2,500

* tax-exclusive price

You can enjoy Gothic Lolita style based on Vania's theme colors, black, off white and red, and purple as an accent color that create an aura of fascinating vampire in girlish.

GRANBLUE FANTASY Collaboration Series < Cucouroux >

Cucouroux Corset Coat ¥48,000
Cucouroux Dress with Garter Belt ¥50,000
Cucouroux Beret ¥12,000
Cucouroux Printed Over the Knee Socks ¥3,600

* tax-exclusive price

This style has a steampunk atmosphere with the items designed to give expression to Cucouroux's dignified air of the gunsmith in her lovableness by gold lines, and artificial leather decorations along with her theme color, off white, blue and saxe blue check.

How to Purchase

Period for Acceptance of Build-To-Order

December 15th (Sat) 2018 - January 14th (Mon) 2019 (JST)

* The acceptance of order will be start simultaneously at all stores, Metamorphose online stores (Official Online Shop, Rakuten), Metamorphose directly managed stores.

Metamorphose Official Online Shop / Metamorphose at Rakuten
Around 9:00 on December 15th (Sat) 2018 - 23:59 on January 14th (Mon) 2019 (JST)

Metamorphose directly managed stores
Opening time on December 15th (Sat) 2018 - closing time on January 14th (Mon) 2019

Payment Due Date

Within one week of making a reservation

* If you choose the Convenience Store Payment at official online shop, we will notify you the due date via e-mail.

Arrival Date

May 2019

* Schedule may change.


Domestic Shipping ONLY

Delivery of the products of "GRANBLUE FANTASY Collaboration Series" is only within Japan.
If you specify an address outside Japan as your shipping address, your order will be cancelled.

About Reservation & Payment

Payment must be made in full in advance.

Your reservation will be accepted when the payment is received and confirmed. You cannot cancel or change your order in any reason. This reservation is non-refundable.

Online Shop

Please choose a payment method from a list below at Official Online Shop.
[Acceptable method of payment] Credit Card / PayPal / Convenience Store Payment / Alipay / China UnionPay
(You cannot choose "Cash on Delivery" or "Postal Transfer". If you choose them, your order will be cancelled automatically.)

Please choose a payment method except for "Cash on Delivery" at Rakuten.
* For details, please refer to the information on a product page.

Metamorphose directly managed stores

Please contact the stores where you would like to make a reservation during the Period for Acceptance of Build-To-Order stated above. We can ship your order from the stores to you.

Please choose a payment method from a list below at stores.
[Acceptable method of payment] Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card / China UnionPay / Gift Card issued by credit card brand
* Please ask our stores for details about payment.

If you would like us to ship your order, please make payment by "Postal Transfer".


Metamorphose Official Online Shop

The installment payment by credit care is acceptable. You can get and use the Metamorphose Points amount to 3% of the purchase at official online shop☆

Metamorphose at Rakuten

You will earn the Rakuten Points for the purchase♪ It's easy to choose an installment payment.

Metamorphose directly managed stores

Our stores are in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Shinjuku and Harajuku. Anyone and everyone who's interested in our products is welcome. Please feel free to drop in if you are passing by.
There will be displays of sample products at stores. * Schedule is to be determined.


* Regarding the reservation at agency is yet to be determined. Please allow us to inform you as soon as our decision is made.


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