[Event Report] Naka-Kon in Kansas, USA ☆彡 (March 15th - 17th 2019)


Kansas, United States
March 15th (Fri) - 17th (Sun) 2019

Day 1 (March 15th (Fri))
The sales booth that opened on the first day was crowded with Lolitas from the opening time!
There were a lot of customers who got a close look at Metamorphose's items for the first time♪

Day 2 (March 16th (Sat))
We had a pannel and a fashion show.
They are models waiting in the wings...♡

At the fashion show, we presented a variety of items such as Metamorphopse's basic dresses and accessories, collaboration items etc.

After the show, all of the models and me, the designer Taira, took a ceremonial photograph♪
Everyone looked so lovely in Metamorphose's dresses.

Day3 (March 17th (Sun))
The tea party on the last day of the event♡
The venue was decorated with the Metamorphose's logo and swans. There was a special booth for us!

Swan cookies, swan decoration on the table!
The dishes look wonderful...♡

After the panel discussion and chatting, we presented the award for the best dressed! Thank you for dressing Metamorphose's items so lovely!

With the tea party staff♡

The ceremonial photograph at the end of the tea party!

Everyone who enjoys Lolita fashion with a smile was very impressive♪

During the three-day event, many Lolitas who came to the event brought to mind again my wish that the Lolita fashion will continue to spread throghout the world.

Thank you for inviting us to the wonderful event.
(Taira / Metamorphose designer)