【Upcoming Series】Sailor Collection 2019 - Pre-Order Starts on Apr. 12th!


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We would like to introduce our upcoming series♪

The much-loved "Sailor Collection" has come back this year again★

Please check it out!

♦ Sailor Collection 2019

< Pre-Order Starts >
Online: around 5:00 p.m. on April 12th (Fri) (JST)
In-Store: opening time on April 13th (Sat)

< Products >
• Sailor Tucked Dress
• Sailor Flared Dress
• Sailor Shirtdress
• Sailor Suspender Skirt
• Sailor Blouse
• Sailor Wristbands (set of 2)
• Captain's Hat
• Sailor Ribbon Headband

♦ Schedule of the Sample Display at Stores

(Click here to enlarge the schedule table.)

* Schedule and display products may change.
* The latest information will be posted on the store's Twitter.
* The display starts from around noon on the first day and ends until around early evening on the last day at each store.

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