【Presale only at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR (2)】Phantom gate Ribbon Dress Set


★ The presale only at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR 2019 WINTER (2) ★

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The 『Phantom gate Series』 will be available only at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR ahead of other stores♪

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Release Date> Jan. 25th (Fri)  11:00~

【Phantom gate Ribbon Dress Set】

color: Off White / Black


The special set♥, the dress comes with a barrette, will be released only at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR!

※In the case of sold out at Metamorphose Laforet Harajuku, the set will not be released at online shop or other stores. 


You can get a discount on the latest series (*≧ω≦)

「ラフォーレカード割 (Laforet Card Additional Discount)」 
You will get an additional 5% discount when you pay by the Laforet Card during the GRAND BAZAR. 

* You have to pay by credit card to get a discount.
* The discount cannot apply after payment has been made.
* Please contact our shop staff or Laforet Card Information on the 3.5th floor for details 


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