★Metamorphose Shinjuku ☆ Presale for HAPPY PACK★


★ Metamorphose Shinjuku ☆ Presale for HAPPY PACK ★

Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.

The HAPPY PACK will be available at Metamorphose Shinjuku on December 22nd (Sat) ahead of other stores (*^^*)

Don't miss the big chance to get it at earliest opportunity♪

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★ Presale of HAPPY PACK at Metamorphose Shinjuku ★

【 Store 】
Metamorphose Shinjuku

【 Period 】
December 22nd (Sat) 2018 ~

* Quantity is Limited.
* When the HAPPY PACK is sold out, we will accept reservation for the Black Swan Special Set.
* You can pick up the items you reserved on or after January 2nd (Wed) 2019.
* Please note that the Black Swan Special Set will not be available on January 2nd, if all of the HAPPY PACK and Special Set for reservation are sold out.

★ Black Swan High Waist Dress Set ¥21,600 (incl. tax)
〈 Rose • Dark Gray 〉

Dress and Barrette Set

★ Black Swan Ribbon Dress Set ¥21,600 (incl. tax)
〈 Rose • Dark Gray 〉

Dress and Headband Set

The black swan series which express paired swans with plenty of roses and fluttering feathers is very Metamorphose.

It is very cute but mysterious world is perfect for mature Lolita♡

We made 2 types of color for the Dark Gray which is gothic with dark tone color and the Rose which is calm but gorgeous color.

Only at Shinjuku, you can get the HAPPY PACK earlier than other stores!
We are really looking forward to seeing you at Metamorphose Shinjuku☆

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★ Metamorphose Shinjuku ★
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