About Shipping

We ship internationally. International shipping should arrive within two weeks.
Please note that it may take more than two weeks depending on the country.

Shipping Rate to Asia*1
item amountpostage
Under 5,000 YEN1,400 YEN
5,001 YEN - 20,000 YEN2,100 YEN
20,001 YEN - 40,000 YEN2,700 YEN
40,001 YEN + over3,000 YEN

Shippint Rate to Other Areas
item amountpostage
Under 5,000 YEN2,800 YEN
5,001 YEN - 20,000 YEN3,200 YEN
20,001 YEN - 40,000 YEN3,400 YEN
40,001 YEN + over3,000 YEN

Please check EMS page.

*1: Asia is the countries in the "First Zone" on the page that the following link represent : https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/country/all_en.html

♦ About Parcel Forwarding Service

You can also use "tenso.com" (parcel forwarding service) to ship your order internationally.

Important Notice
* Metamorphose doesn't have a business alliance with tenso.com.
* You can use the service of tenso.com at your own responsibility.
* Metamorphose shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles when you use the service of tenso.com.
* Japanese consumption tax will be added to your order when you use the service of tenso.com since your order will be shipped out from Metamorphose as domestic shipping.

If you have any questions related to the service of tenso.com, please refer to tenso.com website or contact tenso.com from the banner link above.
* The tenso.com banner will appear only for customers in outside Japan.

♦ For Domestic Customers:

For information on domestinc shipping fee, please refer to HERE.